Notre philosophie

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Our Philosophy

The livelihoods of over 60 million people on Earth (source: UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development organisation) are dependent upon the extraction of gold and, indirectly, its sale.

While these miners represent more than 90% of the workforce in this industry, their production accounts for only 10% of the wealth generated by the gold business world-wide.

  • How can one increase the value of the gold produced by responsible artisanal mining outfits?
  • How can one provide these artisans with unfettered, competitive access to the major gold markets in Europe and around the world?
  • How can one convert a portion of the value of a jewel into a concrete vehicle for improving the living standards of these artisanal communities?

In order to provide concrete answers to these questions, I have decided to promote and offer the work of these artisans by proposing a new type of gold, an artisanal gold alloyed with a strong social value: a "handmade", responsible gold.

Because gold is even more precious when it is truly fair.