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Alliance for Responsible Mining

ARM - Alliance for Responsible Mining

Founded in 2004, the Association for Responsible Mining (ARM) is an independent international association that seeks to improve equity and well-being in communities and small-scale artisanal mining (ASM) operations by improving social, environmental and good governance practices, and by creating true ecosystems within communities. ARM is committed to social justice and environmental responsibility, genuine values that are passed on to the ASM operations.

ARM worked with Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) on the 2010 launch of the first independent fair trade gold label: Fairtrade & Fairmined.

Patrick Schein, CEO of S&P Trading, was made a member of ARM's Board of Directors in 2006, prior to joining the association's Executive Board in 2008.

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French Union of Jewelry, Gold, Stones and Pearls (BJOP)

BJOP – French Union of Jewelry, Gold, Stones and Pearls (BJOP)

The French Union of Jewelry, Gold, Stones and Pearls (Union Française BJOP) is the professional organization federating all of the players in the industry - jewelry manufacturers and artisans, traders in stones and pearls, jewelry retailers, jewelers, goldsmiths, etc. - which it represents in dealings with public authorities and professional agencies. The BJOP brings together more than 220 companies - including micro-businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), artisans, major luxury groups, centuries-old workshops, industrial producers - and accompanies them in all areas of their development: professional training and employment, corporate and legal counseling, tax, competition law, trade policy, ethics, sustainable development, etc.
S&P Trading's Refining division is a member of the Union Française BJOP.

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French Federation of Ores, Industrial Minerals and Nonferrous Metals

FEDEM - French Federation of Ores, Industrial Minerals and Nonferrous Metals

The Federation unites the trade unions and professional agencies in which the companies participate, based on either the area of activity (extraction of ores or industrial minerals, refining, primary transformation of metals) or the type of substance (copper, lead, nickel, zinc, etc.) they produce, process or use (e.g.: : manufacturers of accumulators, electrical wire and cables, crystal manufacturers, etc.).

FEDEM is a member of Eurometaux, the European Association of Metals, which represents the interests of the non-ferrous metals industry in the European Union.
S&P Trading's Refining division is a member of the FEDEM through the employers' federation of smelters, refiners and traders in precious metals.

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No Dirty Gold  Earthworks

No Dirty Gold

No Dirty Gold is a communication campaign launched by Earthworks. Earthworks is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protecting mining communities and the environment from the destructive effects of mineral development, in the United States and around the world. Earthworks stands for clean drinking water, healthy communities and corporate accountability.

S&P Trading's Refining division was the first European firm in its category (refiner) to sign the No Dirty Gold charter.

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Madison Dialogue


Madison Dialogue is a voluntary initiative by various stakeholders in the mining sector that promotes communication and the sharing of information between enterprises, associations and other stakeholders. It is working to encourage the use of best practices and sustainable economic development in the extraction of gold, diamonds and other minerals

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Communities and Small Scale Mining

CASM - Communities, and Small Scale Mining (CASM)g

CASM is a global networking and coordination facility with a stated mission "to reduce poverty by improving the environmental, social and economic performance of artisanal and small-scale mining in developing countries." CASM is currently chaired by the U.K.'s Department for International Development (DFID ) and is housed at World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C. (U.S.A.).

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Patrick Schein

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